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Saliha Čabro, MA
Edin Halilović, BA
Admir Čavalić, MA


During the past decade, there have been significant changes in general communication, in which the Internet as a medium took over primacy of conventional media. Commercialization of the Internet as well as the development of the global economy contributed to the creation of a new concept in business. The integration of a large number of information systems and networks has led to the globalization of business through a computer network. This expanded the concept of a market as such, whereby market transactions can be carried out regardless of where the entities are located and regardless of the time in which the individual actions take place. By using multimedia content, hypertext and real-time interaction with users, the Internet has positioned itself as a superior marketing communication platform, which uses all the good sides of conventional media, but in a better way. This is especially true for export-oriented companies whose in-performance is more determined by adopting global trends in Internet marketing than in locally-oriented businesses. The aim of this paper is to explain the importance of Internet marketing for exporters, along with an analysis of usage of Internet marketing by Bosnian exporters. The paper presents a hypothesis that the biggest exporters in B&H have a higher quality Internet presence than companies that are engaged in export to a lesser extent. The statistical analysis of SEO activities was used in the work, which showed more ratings of the Internet marketing of the leading export companies. Also, the paper used a scientific method of content analysis.
Keywords: Internet marketing, export companies, competitiveness
JEL: M29, M31, M37, L86

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