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General information

The undergraduate study of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Zenica is organized in accordance with current world principles, and during its creation, care was taken to apply the Bologna Declaration, but also the needs of contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina. society in the field of economic theory and practice. The goal is to offer students the acquisition of modern knowledge in the field of economics, with a diploma that enables them to continue their education or pursue a successful career not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but anywhere in the world.

The undergraduate study lasts four years and is based on innovative curricula. Courses are graded in accordance with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) system, which enables vertical and horizontal transfer of students. In this sense, each school year carries 60 ECTS credit points, where upon completion of the undergraduate studies, the student should achieve a total of 240 credit points.

The courses in the first two years of study are common to all students of the Faculty of Economics, while the courses in the third and fourth year of study are created in accordance with the chosen major. Also, students have at their disposal a significant number of optional subjects, which enable active participation in the creation of studies according to their own affinities. Upon successful completion of undergraduate studies, the title of graduate economist is obtained.

List of subjects by year

Other information

Study programs

Everyday changes in the field of economics, industrial progress and technological innovations, put complex challenges before the education of new economists. Globalization requires not only new knowledge and skills, but also new systems of values and beliefs, as well as young specialists who will be able to respond to these challenges. In accordance with the observed trends in Bosnia and Herzegovina. economy but also current trends in the world, the Faculty of Economics of the University of Zenica currently offers its students two departments at the undergraduate level, namely:

  • Department of Management
  • Department of Finance and Accounting

The Department of Management enables the acquisition of knowledge and skills from the domain of basic economic disciplines, especially those from the field of management and organization, which will enable students to acquire the necessary managerial knowledge and skills for the successful management and management of companies, banks, institutions in education, culture, health, sports; public services; government institutions as well as other activities. The study was created to enable students to successfully perform managerial functions at any level of management.

The Department of Finance and Accounting enables thorough theoretical and practical education of students in the domain of accounting and auditing, i.e. the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge needed to perform accounting and auditing tasks in all business entities. In this sense, basic accounting categories, methods and techniques are studied at this department, but also improve individual accounting areas and acquire specialist knowledge from the wider field of accounting and auditing. Upon completion of their studies, students are qualified to meet all the challenges of the accounting and auditing profession.

Upon completion of studies, the title of graduate economist is obtained.

Graduate work

The diploma thesis is a problem from the study area of the faculty, i.e. the department where the student is studying, on a topic that the student chooses after the verification of the winter semester of the final year of study. The method of choosing the topic, preparing and defending the diploma thesis is regulated by the procedure, that is, by the appropriate general act passed by the Senate.

Procedure for application, approval of the topic, preparation and defense of the thesis - look

The student is obliged to report the thesis topic by the end of the winter semester of the current academic year. When applying for a thesis topic, the following forms must be filled out and submitted:

Application for thesis – look

The student is obliged to adhere to the appropriate instructions adopted by the Scientific and Teaching Council of the Faculty of Economics when preparing the thesis.

Rulebook on the technical characteristics of diploma, master's and doctoral theses of the University of Zenica - look

In the course of the application procedure and preparation of the thesis, the student has the right to submit a request for a change of mentor, stating the reasons. A student can use this right only once.

Request to change mentor – look

Students who have completed the process of writing their thesis are required to submit to the Student Service:

  • Mentor's report on the thesis 
  • Four copies of the bound thesis (spiral binding is not allowed)


For generations of students enrolled since 2005/06. until 2012/13. academic year, the curriculum adopted during the founding of the Faculty was used.

Curriculum-2005/06. – look

Following contemporary trends and scientific achievements in the field of economic sciences since the academic year 2012/2013. an innovative and improved curriculum is in force. This is done to contribute to the improvement of the quality of education, the internationalization of studies and the accreditation of diplomas.

Curriculum - 2012/13. look

The statute of UNZE provides for regular changes to curricula, not earlier than four years (Article 183). Accordingly, the Scientific and Teaching Council of the Faculty of Economics, University of Zenica (UNZE)
appointed a working group for the preparation of proposals for changes to the curriculum.

Curriculum 2018/2019.

  • Department of Management – look
  • Department of Finance and Accounting - look

Innovated undergraduate curriculum 2022/2023.

  • Department of Management – look
  • Department of Finance and Accounting - look

Enrollment conditions

Enrollment in the first year of the first cycle of studies is based on a public competition announced by the Senate of the University of Zenca, for the number of places to which the Government of the Canton has given prior consent.

Candidates who have completed a four-year secondary school have the right to participate in the competition.

The ranking of candidates for admission is based on general success and individual success in the subjects of Mathematics and BHS language, which the candidate achieved in a four-year high school. There is no entrance exam.

Transfer from other faculties

Students from other universities, as well as students within the University (transferring from one study program to another) can transfer and continue their studies at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Zenica, in which case the passed exams will be recognized in their entirety if there is an identity of the teaching programs. If there is a difference in the teaching the programs of passed courses determine the difference and the student is obliged to pass it.

The student submits the request for transfer with certified curricula of passed courses and a certificate of passed exams and ECTS credits to the Student Service, no later than September 15. current year.