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Zenica University town

Zenica is an urban center in Central Bosnia, where about 150,000 inhabitants live, located in the valley of the river Bosna, which flows in an extremely beautiful meander through the very center of the city. Although it is often equated with heavy industry, Zenica is also a city of youth, a cultural and sports center where life flourishes. Chamber Symphony Orchestra, Bosnian National Theater, Youth Choir, new building of the City Museum, new athletic stadium, new shopping center, new Hall of the City Arena, ZEPS fairs, congresses and conferences, top-level sports spectacles, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, are just a few a part of the overall pulsation of the city, which, even after the severe trials of the war, is looking for new ways of expressing its own identity.

Zenica, a green city

Zenica is a city of greenery and parks. Greenery extends throughout the entire city, Zenica is known as the greenest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Zenica sports city

Zenica is a city of sports and sports fields, which enables tracking and recreational training.


Located in the pleasant surroundings of the Zenica settlement Crkvice, near the city swimming pools,

The student center is very well connected by bus lines to the city center and faculties.


Unfortunately, the Student Center and the Faculty of Economics do not have their own parking space, so parking must be sought in the vicinity of the center itself.

Student center

The student center was primarily formed for the purpose of housing and staying students who come from outside Zenica and who continue their higher education at the University of Zenica.

In the complex of university facilities, there is a Student Center with a capacity of 87 rooms, of which 33 are double rooms and 54 are triple rooms. The center has a reading room, a TV room, kitchenettes, a multimedia center and other necessary spaces for the realization of students' daily activities.


In Zenica, there is a large number of restaurants that offer everything from high-end gastronomic service to fast food.


Zenica is a famous sports center in BiH. The city has a large number of gyms, halls and outdoor sports fields.


In Zenica, there is the Bosnian National Theater, which offers a large number of top performances, and there is also a newly built cinema.