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A word from the dean

Dear students, welcome to the website of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Zenica. The Faculty of Economics in Zenica was founded in 2005 as a teaching-scientific institution whose mission is to educate young experts in the field of economic sciences: management and finance and accounting.

Through the organization of undergraduate (1st cycle) and postgraduate (2nd cycle), and the activities of the Economic Institute, the Faculty is committed to nurturing the past tradition of higher education and continuously innovating and modernizing programs and content that are in line with contemporary trends in economics.

The economy, science and state administration require, and will require even more, experts who are trained to bravely face numerous difficulties and problems and to successfully overcome them, relying on creativity, knowledge, understanding and persistence.

Therefore, we invite all interested graduates and students to become part of our successful team and to contribute to the improvement of studies at our Faculty with their work and commitment. Flexibility, innovation, dedication to the student and orientation to the labor market are our advantages that guarantee your success in academic and professional life.